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Most Expensive Car Ever Sold at Auction

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If you were a multi-millionaire that does not know the end of your riches, what would you spend your money on?

One millionaire gentleman decided to fork out a whopping $29,650,095 for a VERY special car.

And don’t think this is a new, highly innovative ‘space-car’. No. It is famous Formula One driver, Juan Manuel Fagio’s Mercedes Benz W196 F1 racer – a car that is almost 60 years old!

The stunning Mercedes has been retired from active service for 58 years, but the couple of years that it was active, were some of the great moments in F1 and automotive history.

Juan Manuel Fangio and his Mercedes won 9 out of the 12 races they ever entered. The car was also innovative in both technicality and design at the time; it featured inboard brakes, a space-frame chassis, fuel injection and an all-round independent suspension.

Add to the fact that it is beautifully designed in an iconic 1950’s racing style, with trendy stripes to match.

Many high quality antiques sell for millions all around the world, and it seems this one was no different. Except for the fact that this car is now the most expense car ever to be sold at an auction.

The auction took place at the weekend’s Bohman’s Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale. It is not known who the lucky (and very rich) man is that offered the highest bid, but we can be sure that this man loves cars.

Check out the videos below for a closer look at this expensive car and to see what went down at the auction:


So, if you have a spare R294,781,244 lying around, why not see if you can counter this man’s bid?

Source: carscoops.com 

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