Car Lifts for Sale in Michigan: The Ultimate Guide

Hello Jake, have you been searching for a reliable car lift for your auto repair shop in Michigan? Look no further than this comprehensive guide on car lifts for sale in Michigan. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about car lifts, including their types, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as recommendations for the best car lifts in Michigan.


Car lifts are essential equipment for any auto repair shop or home garage. They come in different types and sizes, and choosing the right one can make a significant difference in your repair and maintenance tasks. In this section, we’ll discuss the basics of car lifts, including their types, capacity, and safety features.

Types of Car Lifts

There are several types of car lifts available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. The most common types are:

Two-Post Lifts: These lifts have two posts that support the vehicle from the underside, leaving the wheels hanging in the air. They are ideal for quick repairs and maintenance tasks, such as changing tires or oil.

Four-Post Lifts: These lifts have four posts that support the entire vehicle, making them ideal for long-term storage or extensive repairs. They also offer more stability and safety than two-post lifts.

Scissor Lifts: These lifts use a scissor mechanism to lift the vehicle from underneath. They are compact and easy to use but have a lower weight capacity than other lift types.

Portable Lifts: These lifts are designed for on-the-go repairs and maintenance tasks. They are lightweight and easy to install, but have a lower weight capacity than other lift types.

Capacity and Safety Features

When choosing a car lift, it’s important to consider its weight capacity and safety features. Always select a lift that can accommodate the weight of your vehicle and has safety locks, safety bars, and other safety features to prevent accidents and injuries.

Best Car Lifts in Michigan

With so many car lifts for sale in Michigan, it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best car lifts available in Michigan, based on customer reviews, quality, durability, and safety features.

14,000 lbs
$6,000 – $12,000
Rotary Lift
10,000 lbs
$3,500 – $7,500
5,000 lbs
$1,100 – $1,500
Titan Lifts
6,600 lbs
$2,500 – $3,500

Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Lifts for Sale in Michigan


Car lifts offer several advantages for auto repair shops and home garages, including:

Increased Productivity: Car lifts make it easier and quicker to access different parts of the vehicle, reducing repair and maintenance time.

Space Optimization: Car lifts take up less floor space than traditional jacks and stands, leaving more room for other equipment and tools.

Safety: Car lifts have safety features like lock bars and safety locks that prevent accidents and injuries.

Versatility: Car lifts are available in different types and sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits your specific needs.


However, car lifts also have some disadvantages that you should consider before buying one:

Cost: Car lifts can be expensive, especially for high-end models with advanced features.

Space Constraints: Car lifts require a dedicated space in your garage or auto repair shop, which may not be feasible for smaller spaces.

Maintenance: Car lifts require regular maintenance to ensure they operate safely and efficiently.


Q: Are car lifts safe to use?

A: Yes, car lifts are safe to use if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take proper safety precautions. Always check the weight capacity of the lift and make sure the vehicle is in the correct position before lifting it.

Q: Do I need a permit to install a car lift in Michigan?

A: It depends on your local building codes and regulations. Some areas may require a permit for installing a car lift, while others may not. Check with your local authorities before installing a car lift.

Q: Can I install a car lift myself?

A: It’s not recommended to install a car lift yourself unless you have experience and expertise in the field. Improper installation can lead to accidents and injuries. Always hire a professional to install your car lift.

Q: How long does a car lift last?

A: The lifespan of a car lift depends on its quality, usage, and maintenance. High-quality lifts can last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance and care.

Q: Can I use a car lift to lift other vehicles, such as motorcycles or ATVs?

A: It depends on the weight capacity and type of the car lift. Some lifts are designed specifically for cars, while others can lift different types of vehicles. Check with the manufacturer before using a car lift for anything other than its intended purpose.

Q: Can I move a car lift from one location to another?

A: It depends on the type and size of the lift. Portable lifts can be moved easily, while fixed lifts require disassembly and reassembly. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before moving a car lift.

Q: Can I use a car lift to store my vehicle long-term?

A: Yes, four-post lifts are ideal for long-term vehicle storage as they provide more stability and security than other types of lifts.

Q: Can I use a car lift outdoors?

A: It’s not recommended to use a car lift outdoors unless it’s specifically designed for outdoor use. Exposure to the elements can damage the lift and compromise its safety features.

Q: How much weight can a car lift hold?

A: The weight capacity of a car lift varies depending on its type and model. Two-post lifts can hold up to 10,000 lbs, while four-post lifts can hold up to 14,000 lbs or more.

Q: How much does a car lift cost?

A: The cost of a car lift depends on its type, capacity, and features. Two-post lifts can cost between $3,500 and $7,500, while four-post lifts can cost between $6,000 and $12,000 or more.

Q: Can I finance a car lift?

A: Yes, many manufacturers offer financing options for their car lifts. Check with the manufacturer or dealer for more information.

Q: Do car lifts come with a warranty?

A: Yes, most car lifts come with a warranty that covers defects and malfunctions. Check with the manufacturer for more information on their warranty policy.

Q: Do I need special training to use a car lift?

A: It’s recommended to undergo a training program to operate car lifts safely and efficiently. Many manufacturers offer training programs for their customers.

Q: Can a car lift damage my vehicle?

A: It’s possible for a car lift to damage your vehicle if it’s not used properly or if the lift is not rated for your vehicle’s weight. Always select a lift that can accommodate the weight of your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.


In conclusion, car lifts for sale in Michigan are an essential piece of equipment for any auto repair shop or home garage. With the right car lift, you can increase productivity, optimize space, and improve safety in your repair and maintenance tasks. We hope this guide has provided you with the information you need to choose the best car lift for your needs. Don’t hesitate to take action and invest in a high-quality car lift today!


The information in this guide is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. Always consult with a qualified professional before making any decisions regarding car lifts or other equipment. The use of car lifts involves inherent risks, and the author and publisher of this guide are not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of using car lifts.